Team coaching

What is team coaching?

Team coaching is a form of team building. With team building you improve collaboration by working on general aspects of collaboration. With team coaching you apply cooperation principles in the workplace. Using team coaching you set a team goal together with the individual team members. A team coach guides the process towards the goal. Unlike team building, team coaching is not a one-time activity. The team goal is at the same time part of the larger work goal of the team.

In this way the team kills two birds with one stone. Team members learn the principles of effective collaboration while working towards key work goals.

Generative Collaboration

Wassili has been successfully applying the principles of generative collaboration since 2000. Successful teams make use of the collective intelligence of the group. Collective intelligence is the ability of a group to think as a whole. Coordinate as a whole. And to function as a whole.

Generative collaboration is the effect of a successful implementation of the collective intelligence. Through generative collaboration, the team members create something new. Something surprising. Using generative collaboration principles, team members together create more than individually is possible. Team members develop optimally with the help of generative collaboration principles. And they use resources they didn’t realize they had. Team members learn how to bring out the best in each other. This ensures that the output of the group is much greater. Much greater than when the group members work individually on their projects. Wassili learned generative cooperation from its founder, Robert Dilts.

What does a team coach do?

First, we make an inventory of the situation by means of a 1 on 1 conversation with the manager of the team or teams. Then all team members complete an online team test. I have been using Patrick Lencioni’s excellent work for years to measure “how the team is doing.” Then the whole team comes together and we present the team test results. This result forms the basis of the team coaching conversations. Together with the team, it is decided on which of the 5 team levels to act first. The team coach facilitates the collaboration while all team members work on the solution to the problems. When the basis for generative cooperation has been laid, team objectives are set.

The team coach responds to the essential aspects of the team members. The things that undermine cooperation. And highlights how mutual cooperation can improve. He questions behavior. Exposes blind spots. Helps resolve conflicts. And he makes an essential contribution to forge collective intelligence into a whole.

The effect of team coaching?

Achieving generative collaboration through team coaching has enormous effects. Experience shows that teams that learn this are much more effective. Even after the team coaching.

There is better listening. Team members look more at how everyone can help each other. Team members are much more proactive in independently creating new projects. Generative teams have less conflict. There is a healthier atmosphere. There is often a lot of inspiration and passion in a generative team. Team members experience more support and are more daring. People take more initiative and actually create more. The output of a generative team is higher than a non-generative team. Generative team members indicate that they feel healthier. And feel more challenged. The individual team members and the entire team functions at a higher level. This influences the culture of the organization and creates a culture in which growth, support and improvement are key. Read more about the pillars of organizational improvement here.

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Internationally certified Generative Collaboration team facilitator and coach with a lot of additional knowledge and experience. See also my biography.

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Mental coach of the Dutch women’s volleyball team

I’ve worked with one of the best women’s volleyball teams in the world. I spent 18 months with the Dutch women’s volleyball team. From Italy to Canada. I have worked hands-on during and between tournaments with the team and the individual athletes. I know where a team can get stuck. How to get a team moving. What the power of vulnerability can be. Even under the highest possible pressure.

I have worked on the spot with individual issues to make the collective work as a whole. I have witnessed the enormous forces that are released when a team truly becomes a collective. You see that the mutual relationships are improving. Each individual team member benefits when the collective achieves the desired results. Each individual team member benefits when the effectiveness of the team increases. It still surprises me what a team can do when all individual strengths are optimally used. Making a team work generatively is at the same time magical and liberating.

Implementation of team coaching

I have implemented generative collaboration in many companies and enterprises. To name a few:

  • Pentax Europe
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Forestry Commission
  • Quince advertising
  • Dutch Film academy
  • High school for the arts Amsterdam
  • Levi Strauss Europe
  • Greenpeace Netherlands
  • Case New Holland Belgium
  • Bas Computers et al.

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Improving collaboration is possibly one of the most effective adjustments in the workplace. Generative collaboration is an even more effective adjustment. If you want the collaboration to go to the next level, request an intake interview and take the online team test. You immediately have more insight into why the collaboration is not optimal. And you will immediately gain insight into the areas for improvement.

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