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Humans are inherently wired to lead lives brimming with significance, harnessing their full potential. Through purposeful intent and mastery, the dual goals can be attained. Wassili is poised to provide invaluable assistance to you or your company by employing cutting-edge transformational techniques. These tools are adept at resolving challenges and actualizing your loftiest aspirations. My objective centers around aiding clients in their journey of development and self-fulfillment. This is achieved by establishing a connection between what holds profound meaning and the inherent strengths and qualities people have, thereby propelling them towards their zenith.


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Because of the team sessions we’ve grown closer, we’re more connected now.

- Manon FlierTeam captain Dutch women's volleyball team

Meaningful performance

Wassili Zafiris is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in discovering profound meaning and translating that into impactful action. By doing so, he unlocks the utmost motivation and inspiration within them. Many of the challenges we encounter stem from our mindset and the intangible factors that shape our behaviors and assumptions. These elements hold great significance in making informed decisions, nurture relationships, conduct business, leading effectively, collaborating harmoniously, and maintaining well-being. Wassili specializes in guiding you towards sound decision-making, dispelling negative emotions and thoughts, rediscovering your inner strength, unleashing your latent talents, fostering fruitful collaborations, humane and efficient leadership, and achieving success in business and beyond.

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‘A better person’

Healing from cancer

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The REtaC foundation training is attracting more and more attention. For all the good reasons! Would you like to discover how to change emotional issues once and for all? And change deep seated feelings within yourself and in your relationship(s)?

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Wassili Zafiris

Hailing from Greek and Dutch origins, Wassili embodies a unique blend of cultures. As a father and a seasoned entrepreneur with an impressive 28-year track record, he has weathered setbacks and triumphed over challenges time and again. His dual heritage equips him with an astute understanding of forging connections between diverse cultures. With a lifetime of experiences spanning personal and professional spheres, coupled with intensive study and research, Wassili possesses the expertise to navigate even the most daunting obstacles faced by his clients. His role extends beyond mere consultation; he serves as a catalyst for growth and self-actualization, steering individuals towards the realization of meaningful aspirations.

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Awarded twice!

‘Ik BEN niet alleen op de wereld – Meaningful Profit’ is nominated for Best Business book 2011 & Best Management book 2012!
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Wassili Zafiris Geluk is deprimerend, de gids naar duurzaam geluk. Zweef!

Book: Happiness is depressing

In “Happiness is Depressing,” I explore the essence of happiness itself, investigating the facets that constitute it. The book unravels the existing knowledge about happiness, dissecting the various dimensions that contribute to our understanding. Moreover, it scrutinizes the ideologies and presumptions that mold our outlook on happiness, unraveling the subtle influences that shape our perception.

In tandem, “HiD” seeks to demystify depression. It takes you on a journey to define depression, peering into its mechanics and unraveling its inner workings. We venture into the “inner landscape” of a person grappling with depression, unraveling the intricacies of their emotional landscape.

You will go on a quest to unveil viable solutions for depression. Armed with a nuanced perspective, the book explores strategies to navigate and alleviate depression’s grasp. Through research, insights, and empathy, it charts a course towards resolution, illuminating the path to combatting depression’s pervasive influence.

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13 December 2023 in Blog, Book, Coaching

Healing from cancer

Healing from cancer I assume it's could be challenging to imagine that a person could heal from stage 4 bladder cancer in a period of ten weeks. Especially when the…
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In short

In my work as NLP master trainer, neuro-semantic trainer and accredited coach I have facilitated many different people, teams and organizations. I am leadership coach, team facilitator, public speaker, Climate Leader in Al Gore’s Reality Project and author of various books.

Areas I work in

Life- Relationship- and Business Coaching. Training for personal development. Business seminars that every company needs. Organisation and team development aimed at culture, great teamwork en new leadership.

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