Life coach

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is an empowering and transformative form of coaching aimed at helping individuals achieve their goals and overcome challenges, both in their professional and personal lives. It serves as a platform for exploring various life questions and unlocking one’s full potential.

A life coach guides clients through a journey of self-discovery, assisting them in identifying their talents, passions, and aspirations. Additionally, they aid in setting and attaining health, fitness, and lifestyle goals. Life coaches also provide support in navigating conflicts, setbacks, and criticism, as well as transforming disruptive feelings and negative emotions into positive outcomes.

What does a life coach do?

Effective coaching demands a wealth of knowledge and experience, qualities exemplified by experienced coaches like Wassili. Drawing from his extensive background in performance coaching, Wassili works with a diverse clientele, including top athletes, pilots, and stock market traders. He employs innovative methods, such as the RETEC method, to address deep-seated emotional issues and facilitate personal growth.


Wassili’s specialties encompass personal leadership, health coaching, inner peace cultivation, conflict resolution, and belief system transformation. Through his unique approach, he swiftly uncovers core issues and offers practical solutions, empowering clients to live fearlessly and authentically.

An intake session for life coaching could be the first step towards realizing your full potential.

Ready to break free?

If you’re ready to break free from fear, insecurity, and self-doubt, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, consider life coaching with Wassili. Whether you seek to enhance personal effectiveness, improve competence, or cultivate self-awareness, an intake session for life coaching could be the first step towards realizing your full potential.

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Other types of coaching.

Applications for life coaching

Life coaching offers a multitude of applications to enhance various aspects of your life:

1. Work-Life Balance: A life coach can assist you in achieving harmony between your professional and personal life, ensuring you allocate time and energy effectively to both domains.

2. Stress Management: Through personalized coaching, you can develop strategies to cope with stress effectively, fostering resilience and maintaining emotional equilibrium even in challenging situations.

3. Career and Athletic Performance: Life coaching can propel you to the pinnacle of your profession or sport by refining goal-setting techniques, enhancing motivation, and cultivating a winning mindset.

4. Building Mental and Emotional Resilience: A personal life coach helps you develop mental and emotional fortitude, enabling you to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and resilience.

5. Improving Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital in personal and professional relationships. A life coach can provide guidance and tools to improve your communication skills, fostering deeper connections and understanding.

6. Overcoming Emotional Blockades: Life coaching empowers you to identify and dissolve emotional barriers that may be hindering personal growth and fulfillment, allowing you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

7. Financial Uncertainties: Personal coaching can address uncertainties surrounding money management, offering strategies to improve financial literacy and cultivate prosperity mindset.

If you’re unsure whether your specific question or challenge can be addressed through life coaching, we encourage you to reach out to us for further clarification or to register for a consultation. For inquiries related to work-specific issues, business coaching may be a more suitable option tailored to your needs.


Certified international meta-coach, with a lot of extra knowledge and experience. Also see my biography.

This video is part of DashNDem’s artwork at the Athens Biennale 2013. 11 top life coaches from around the world were asked to collaborate on a video artwork. The art installation had the intention to coach the Greeks “out” of the 2008 crisis. In “Reaching Re-birth” the coaches coach visitors to the Biennale by means of video messages. 150,000 visitors have seen the installation.

Wassili talks in this video about pessimism, hopelessness and feelings of victimisation. He guides the viewer on how to turn these feelings into optimism.

A life coaching pathway

  • The coaching process starts with an intake interview of one hour. The intake provides more clarity about your coaching question and the goals to be achieved. During the follow-up sessions, we will work on solving the obstacles that stand in your way to achieve your outcomes. Step by step you will move closer to your goals.  Every step closer to the goal can reveal new challenges that need to be resolved. The purpose of life coaching is to achieve your goals and change limiting barriers.
  • The duration of a coaching process is on average between 3 to 8 sessions (1 to 1.5 hours at a time). Transformation of the deeper issues and efficiency are important in this proces.
  • Participating in one of my training courses enables you to receive 5 coaching sessions with a discount.
  • The location is IJburg, Amsterdam. Appointments can also be on your location, at companies and governments institutions for an additional fee.
  • Coaching can also take plane  online via Skype, Teams, Zoom or FaceTime. The results are excellent.
  • The costs of a personal life coach are often deductible. Ask your own advisor about the options. Unfortunately, this method is not yet reimbursed by insurers.
  • You can read more about life coaching on the blog.

Intake with a senior coach

Have you always wanted to discover what a senior coach can do for you? Take advantage of a one-hour intake with Wassili Zafiris for the deduced price of €125,00! Follow up coaching €175,00 p/h. 


  • Surprising new insights into your problem.
  • More clarity about what you want to achieve.
  • Movement in your situation (or relationship).
  • Feeling of direction and energy.
  • Clarity about “what now?”

“Coaching with Wassili is 1000 times more effective, more positive, more liberating than listening to a Freudian psychotherapist entangled with himself.
Endlessly pursuing the 'heavy dark problem' and not looking for a solution, leaving you feeling trapped. Wassili looks for solutions and also for your heavy dark problems, so they can be resolved, in a very effective way..”

- Stephan Pröppertalking to a friend who's wife is a psychotherapist

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