Surprising new insights, more clarity about what you want and can do, a feeling of direction and energy

Coaching is the self-actualization technology of the 21st century. It is designed to free your (hidden) qualities and teaches you how to live your dreams and utilize your full potential in work and private life.

You have been looking for a coach, you’ve arrived at the right place!

I promise you a breakthrough.

A coach is a confidential sparring partner aimed at empowering his clients. A coach makes sure that you ‘walk out of the door’ with more self-worth and confidence then you came in with. A coach supports you to bring movement in the problems that you are facing.

International Coach Federation

Wassili Zafiris is one of the leading coaches and trainers of the Netherlands. He specializes in change, is author, speaker, facilitator, educator and developer with more than 23 years experience. As certified meta-coach, recognized leadership coach & trainer (Robert Dilts, USA), past board member of the ICFNL he is committed to the professionalization of the coaching profession. Since 2012 he is Climate Leader and ambassador of Al Gore’s ‘Project Reality’ in The Netherlands.

Wassili has been very successful as mental coach of professional athletes such as the Dutch Women’s Volleyball team. He works with professionals in business as well as private clients.

His popular and twice nominated book ‘Meaningful Profit’ (co-author B. Steenstra) has inspired many individuals to change and companies to develop a new vision about the direction of their company. The book is about the coaching, training and transformation of a CEO, his Management Team and employees.

Coaching available via Zoom, Teams, Skype and FaceTime.

What is a meta-coach?

A meta-coach is specialized to find meaning behind words and behaviours. To uncover the thinking that stands in your way and the frameworks that can help you to transform your highest intentions into action. A meta-coach assumes that ‘the more meaningful something is’ the more motivated a person will be. Hence, a meta-coach always ‘explores’ the deep (often unconscious) meanings that a person has within. In addition, a meta-coach examines with you, how you can most effectively use and unleash your skills. In this way you will turn what’s meaningful for you into action. A meta-coach fuses meaningfulness and mastery!

The coaching has been a rollercoaster of eye-openers, I feel completely different than when I came in here… And you were a solid rock!

- Ineke


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Self-actualization and personal growth

This begins when you learn how to fulfill your deficiency needs to reconnect with your Being needs. Our biggest potential is with our Being needs.

Many people know Maslow’s pyramid. Not everybody knows that this pyramid is divided into two layers. A lower layer, the ‘Deficiency’ needs and an upper layer, that of the ‘Being’ needs. When the deficiency needs persist and are not fulfilled effectively, because of limiting beliefs, the ‘Being’ needs will hardly be activated.

Just like the entrepreneur who tries every day to think long-term, but daily pressure, adversity and stress keeps him into ‘money making- now’. And the teacher who is afraid of rejection and keeps on pleasing her employer. She wants to change, but her ‘deficiency needs’ maintain her behavior, even ‘burning-out’. Or the person that encounters the same fears and insecurities over and over and no approach seems to solve those fears.

Coaching is an investment in yourself!

Coaching is an investment that will lead to more clarity, the ability to seize opportunities, make better choices and a life full of passion.

In short, an exceptional return on investment.

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Is there anything more beautiful than to (re) discover your real self, to make that so powerful, that you can step into life without fear. No fear: you won’t change, you will find the one you are, and you never want to go back.

- Stephan Pröpper

An appointment with a top coach

Have you been curious about what a top coach can do for you? You can have a first appointment with Wassili Zafiris for reduced price €125,00! Regular price €175,00.


  • Surprising new insights in the problems you are facing.
  • More clarity about your goals.
  • Movement in your situation (or relationship).
  • A sense of direction and energy.
  • Clarity about ‘what’s next’?

Wassili speaks excellent English and because he has worked with thousands of people he understands the context of many different fields and roles. He works one on one with clients in Amsterdam or on location in company.

Online coaching in the Netherlands or abroad

He has clients as far as Indonesia, the UK, South America and Africa. Coaching sessions are conducted via Skype or FaceTime (or any other video link).

Apply for Business coaching now. Apply for Life coaching now!

A coaching journey

  • A coaching journey takes between 3 to 8 sessions (1 to 1.5 hours at a time). My method is completely focused to get to the core of the issue, transform that and to work as efficiently as possible.
  • Get 50% discount for your first appointment!
  • When participating in any of my trainings you can get five coaching sessions with a discount.
  • When in need of long-term coaching you can purchase 10 hours of coaching with package discount.
  • The location is IJburg, Amsterdam. Sessions can be done on site or via Skype.
  • Internationally we can coach via Skype, video link. The results are excellent. Payment is done via PayPal.
  • Coaching is in many cases a deductible.

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