Happiness is Depressing

Understanding and changing the inner landscape of depression

Hidden truths about depression and man’s search for happiness

There is evidence that our search for happiness can trigger depressive feelings. Why? Striving for something as elusive and unattainable as ‘happiness’ causes chronic (unconscious) disappointment. In Happiness is Depressing you will learn what happiness actually means and how dissatisfaction can set the stage for the dark mindset we call depression. We don’t know as much as we think about how one develops a depressive mindset, nor how to achieve a lasting sense of happiness. Happiness is Depressing is a coaching handbook to give you a meta-perspective on these topics and to coach you from the darkness to zest for life.

Anyone that is interested in more happiness in life should read this groundbreaking book especially when you feel down.

Happiness is Depressing answers 2 main questions:

  • How do you move from feeling depressed to zest for life?
  • How can the coaching approach create effective models for profound change with depression?

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Float. Happiness is Depressing. Wassili Zafiris. Dennis Kievit.

This is a really good and empowering book. I believe that you will discover ways to be a happier person when you read this book, think things through, employ the tips, techniques and processes that Wassili offers you. This is a (self-help) book that can actually deliver.

Tim HallbomInternational NLP Trainer and Developer, Co-Founder NLP and Coaching Institute of California
Forewords by Tim Hallbom, NLP developer, author and Dr Hein de Jong, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst and author.

Read the full foreword of Tim Hallbom here.

Read the full foreword of Dr Hein de Jong here.

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A thought-provoking quest for Zest for Life”

Who should you read this book, and why?

  • Do you feel down?

Are you experiencing pessimistic and depressive thoughts or feelings? Do you feel down, lonely or overwhelmed? Is feeling happy difficult for you? This book offers you guidance, support and coaches you to zest for life.

  • Are you a coach or therapist?

Happiness is Depressing is also a manual for coaches and therapists. It is written from the perspective of the client as well as the coach, providing you with essential knowledge about the mindset of depression and how it comes into existence. This book offers the means to help shape zest for life for depressed and other clients. You can use the new and advanced techniques directly in your daily practices.

  • Are you a relative of a depressed loved one?

You will want to read this book because it will help you understand what’s going on as well as give ideas for how to support your loved one.

Happiness is Depressing can be read as a coaching journey with a sombre client. Ultimately this is the story of how the experience of a coach leads to the investigation and transformation of depression.

A practical book filled with exercises and provocative ideas. Also listen to: Beyond Depression – The Zest for Life Podcast series for more information.

Personal coaching

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Lucas Derks PhD, social psychologist, author and developer of Mental Space Psychology: “Happiness is Depressing starts light-heartedly and takes you step by step to the causes of depression, and, directly after that, frees you from the depressive darkness. A book full of provocative ideas and exercises that will awaken your inner light. A remarkable show of autonomous thinking.

- Lucas Derks
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‘Happily depressed’

Lucas Derks, interviews Wassili about what causes depression and made a 25 minute documentary about his work.

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