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The new cure for depression could be easier than it seems. Wassili Zafiris. Happiness is Depressing.

Happiness is Depressing

Language: English

Understanding and changing the inner landscape of depression Hidden truths about depression and man’s search for happiness There is evidence that our search for happiness can trigger depressive feelings. Why? Striving for something as elusive and unattainable as ‘happiness’ causes chronic (unconscious) disappointment. In Happiness is Depressing you will learn what happiness actually means and how dissatisfaction can set the stage for the dark mindset we call depression. We don’t know as much as we think about how one develops a depressive mindset, nor how to achieve a lasting sense of happiness. Happiness is Depressing is a coaching handbook to give you a meta-perspective on these topics and to coach you from the darkness to zest for life. Anyone that is interested in more happiness in life should read this groundbreaking book especially when you feel down.

Happiness is Depressing answers 2 main questions:

  • How do you move from feeling depressed to zest for life?
  • How can the coaching approach create effective models for profound change with depression?

Wassili Zafiris Business development. Team facilitation. Leadership development. Meaningful Profit. IK BEN niet alleen op de wereld.

Meaningful Profit

Language: Only available in Dutch

What do you do when you’re not happy and uncomfortable with where your (work) life is heading? How to lead a company? What do you do when you want more than ‘just’ money? How do you make yourself valuable, what is your contribution, your legacy? Do you work to earn money, or to do something for the world? “Meaningful Profit” shows how opposites go hand in hand. “Because you can’t fit man in a machine”




Language: Only available in Dutch

The ingredients for the ultimate chef, 10 top chefs and their secrets “Learn how to think like a top chef” Chefs interviewed: Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, Herman den Blijker, Ferran Adria, Nadia Santini, Anthony Bourdain, Curtis Stone, Sergio Herman and Alain Passard. Over 10.000 copies sold! “As a chef, you have to have something flamboyant, exciting and always look for the next big thing,” said Gordon Ramsey to Aranka van de Pol. For Alain Passard (France’s top chef) it is important for a chef cook to be a teacher and, according to Sergio Herman (The Dutch Michelin chef) the chef ‘inside you. ” But what are the real ingredients that create the recipe for the ultimate cook? On the search for this recipe Aranka van de Pol visited, along with photographer Frank de Ruiter and top mental coach Wassili Zafiris, ten of the most successful chefs in the world.
“A surprising book about cooking, the extreme world of the top chef and the psychology behind the chef.” Aranka van der Pol travelled around the world to interview, cook and play with the world most renowned chefs. Wassili Zafiris accompanied her and unraveled their thinking to uncover what’s going on in the mind of a top chef. Hence creating the world’s first recipe of the mindset of a top chef!