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The inner- and outer game of development

I aim to bring the latest knowledge of cognitive psychology, NLP and behavioural science combined with business expertise and know-how to my clients. Models by themselves are ‘not alive’; people bring models ‘alive’. I provide the tools, strategies and excellence that brings out the best in people to create a sustainable corporate culture. We do so by developing the ‘outer game’ (tools, capabilities and strategies) as well as the ‘inner game’ (the structure of our experience and the fundamental beliefs and attitudes that underlie them).

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In company- and open entry training

In company training and seminars

Wassili Zafiris- Recognized by the NLP global bodyWe have various training programs. From how to lead in a company to personal development. Our in- company training consist of a process we call ‘training-modelling’. When we are asked to do a training program in a company we will go into the company and interview 2 or 3 specialists inside the company who already perform the skills desired (the ‘models’ of the skill, behaviour or attitude). Using their mind set and behaviour as a template we then combine that with our own experience and expertise. And in doing so getting the best of both worlds, and the most effective training program for your company.

Certified NLP training for personal development and corporate development

Neuro-semantic and NLP seminars
Our neuro-semantic and NLP based seminars are aimed at understanding how the mind-body-emotion system works and how one can influence it. So one can grow, develop, deal effectively with setbacks and understand others better. NLP has been described as the best in communication technology available. We teach fully certified courses at NLP practitioner and master level as well as the innovation in the field of personal development, coaching, and self-actualization: neuro-semantics. Accessing Personal Genius (APG) is the first level training in neuro-semantics. A three and a half day course that is focused on finding your own inner Genius. This training has been described as the ‘prerequisite for a happy and truly fulfilling life’, and seeks to get the best out of yourself and deal with you inner barriers for work and life. Living Genius is the follow up of APG. Here we will build on where APG left of. Creating a Genius mind set for work, love, relationship, emotional intelligence and a optimistic lifestyle.

During my time as assistant trainer I have come to know Wassili as one of the best trainers! Time and time again he surprises with creative and specialized applications of NLP. But what, for me, sets him apart and make him- together with f.e. Robert Dilts- belong to the best of inspirational examples, is his loving, committed and clear presence, for the group as well as me as a trainer and in working with individuals.

- Elizabeth BermanCertified NLP trainer

Neuro-semantic and NLP based Coaching training
We also teach a neuro-semantic Coaching program to bring to you the latest technology in coaching. Our Matrix Coaching program helps you to unravel the ‘Matrix’ we are caught in. Through understanding how people create their matrix (their reality) we will teach you how to influence it in a way that suits your clients best. The 7 Matrices of the mind are: Meaning, Self, Powers, Time, Relationships, Worlds, Intentions. Do you want to understand how the mind-body-emotion system works? Want to develop personally and learn how to coach others at the same time? Then this is for you. “What is it gonna be Neo, the blue or the red pill?”

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Certified coaching program for life- and business coaches
Our Accessing Personal Genius program as well as our Matrix Coaching program prepare you for your international certification in meta-coaching. Please contact me for more information. Our certified coaching program for managers is internationally certified as well. See the in company training page for more information.

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