Because of my background I actually do not use one method, but a unique blend of different visions, ideas and methods (see my bio). However, there is a red thread and core to my work: Neuro-semantics and NLP. Below you can find some explanation about where these methods and ideas come from.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and positive psychology

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) originated in the 70s in California, USA. The founders of NLP (Bandler and Grinder) were one of the first to look at human development form the perspective of language instead of ‘theory’. They observed the language effective therapists used. They suspected that it was the language of the therapist that made a huge difference in changing the clients’ perspectives on their problems. This turned out to be true! This started a search for human excellence and the discovery of successful human behaviour. This approach was very different from the traditional psychological one, where problematic behaviour was and still is the focus of research and therapy. Today psychology is also changing their perspective with the development of ‘positive psychology’. Many methods and techniques used in positive psychology have been developed by NLP researchers. Modern corporate human development uses many ideas from NLP, like for example the SMART model for setting goals. NLP is very active in developing new ways to ‘Communicate more effectively’, ‘Transform fears and phobia’s’, ‘To achieve ones goals smarter and quicker’, ‘To support a more authentic development and presence’…to much to mention.

Check out the free online encyclopaedia to get a bigger understanding of the impact and usefulness of NLP. You’ll be surprised of the tremendous possibilities that NLP offers in which I, as NLP Master trainer and coach, can help you with.

The link between NLP and the development of cognitive psychology

NLP has originally been inspired by the work of Gallanter, Pribram and Miller. They have laid the basis for a number of important developments in artificial intelligence. NLP has translated this knowledge into ideas about how the human brain functions and that is how our contemporary ideas about f.e. goal setting arose (SMART). Noam Chomsky was another crucial pillar where the work of NLP co-founder Grinder is based upon. Grinder has a PHD in ‘transformational grammar’ and this is the basis of the meta-model, one of the most effective communication models. This was and is the original heart of NLP and NLP has since developed with many hundreds of models and techniques that can be applied for transformation, growth and communication.

Many years after NLP was inspired by these people and their ideas Galanter, Pribram, Miller and Chomsky were recognized as the founders of modern cognitive psychology. NLP is widely seen as one of the most effective ways to deal with psychological problems. NLP has developed differently because of the difference in approach but the heart remains the same.

Wassili brought neuro-semantics into the Netherlands in 2000 . Since 2004, he certified many coaches, trainers and individuals in neuro-semantics. He is known as the Dutch pioneer.


Neuro-semantics (NS) also has its roots in NLP but also another very important psychological innovator of his time, Abraham Maslow and humanistic psychology. Maslow is widely recognized as the man behind self-actualization and positive psychology. Besides Maslow, NS was inspired by Viktor Frankl. Frankl was a prominent psychiatrist who developed logo therapy. Frankl’s work is one of the beating hearts of NS. Ultimately, the real innovation of NS due to the idea of meta-states developed by M. Hall. Hall (a cognitive psychologist) has caused a revolution with his work on the ‘layering of the mind’. These four models together have made that neuro- semantics can be considered as one of the most powerful and effective methods for personal transformation and growth. For more information go to

These four models together have made that neuro- semantics can be considered as one of the most powerful and effective methods for (personal) transformation and growth.

In March 2020 neuro-semantic training has been chosen in top 5 BEST NLP training in the WORLD!

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