The new cure for depression could be easier than it seems. Wassili Zafiris. Happiness is Depressing.

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This is a really good and empowering book. I believe that you will discover ways to be a happier person when you read this book, think things through, employ the tips, techniques and processes that Wassili offers you. This is a (self-help) book that can actually deliver.

Tim Hallbom

Happiness is Depressing

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Understanding and changing the inner landscape of depression

Hidden truths about depression and man’s search for happiness

There is evidence that our search for happiness can trigger depressive feelings. Why? Striving for something as elusive and unattainable as ‘happiness’ causes chronic (unconscious) disappointment. In Happiness is Depressing you will learn what happiness actually means and how dissatisfaction can set the stage for the dark mindset we call depression. We don’t know as much as we think about how one develops a depressive mindset, nor how to achieve a lasting sense of happiness. Happiness is Depressing is a coaching handbook to give you a meta-perspective on these topics and to coach you from the darkness to zest for life.

Anyone that is interested in more happiness in life should read this groundbreaking book especially when you feel down.

Happiness is Depressing answers 2 main questions:

  • How do you move from feeling depressed to zest for life?
  • How can the coaching approach create effective models for profound change with depression?

When you have everything, but not a happy life

This book is written for people who feel down and lonely. For those who feel they no longer have happiness. For individuals who no longer recognize themselves when they look in the mirror. For those who experience (too much) adversity and find it difficult to bounce back. For anyone who simply wants to be happy but just can’t seem to achieve it. Are you experiencing pessimistic and depressive feelings? Or do you want to help someone who is? In ‘Happiness is Depressing,’ you will find support, guidance, and direction.

‘Happiness is Depressing’ offers a holistic view of what happiness is and what depression is. Various aspects that influence our thinking about happiness are highlighted. Such as the impact of advertising and marketing on our perception of happiness. The words used by lucky and unlucky people. The medical explanation of depression and its limitations. And a completely new perspective on how depression arises and how you can experience zest for life.

In ‘Happiness is Depressing,’ you will get answers to questions about happiness and depression. What does our thinking about happiness teach us about the onset of sadness? How can happiness make us unhappy? What is depression, really? How does it occur? What does the ‘inner world’ look like for a person who is down? And how can these insights create new solutions for depression?

Three Parts: Happiness, Depression, Zest for Life

In nineteen accessible chapters divided into three parts, the book unravels what is at play in happiness and melancholy.

In the first part, “Happiness,” Wassili explains how our current way of striving for happiness came about. He outlines step-by-step the negative consequences of this (unconscious) quest for happiness. You discover that we are pursuing the ‘wrong’ thing. That ‘just wanting to be happy’ is not as ordinary as we think. You learn what the ‘language’ of happiness is and how our use of language can make you happy or unhappy. Wassili explains which definition of happiness significantly increases your chances of living a happy life.

“In the Netherlands, a million people report having depressive feelings. Depression, the flu of the 21st century!”

In the second part, “Depression,” he offers an entirely new perspective on what depression is. How it arises and why so many people can get stuck in it. Wassili explains what we know about depression. He shows how our thinking about depression is influenced by the medical approach to these feelings. He exposes the assumptions underlying our current approach to melancholy and thereby shows how inaccurate and limiting they are. You learn what the world looks like through the eyes of a melancholic person and why it is important to know that. A whole new world will open up for you, not just about depression but also about what happiness truly is.

GiD Makes Depression: Discussable, Understandable, and Treatable

GiD Makes Depression: Discussable, Understandable, and Treatable

In the final part, “Zest for Life,” he takes you step-by-step from dissatisfaction and melancholy to a zest for life. Through 7 exercises, Wassili teaches you how to let light shine again in the darkness. You learn change techniques based on 10 years of research. With these exercises, you can gradually change your gloominess. ‘Happiness is Depressing’ is an excellent self-help book. The exercises can also be used by therapists and coaches to guide people.

You are advised to consult your general practitioner or a specialist for severe depressive feelings.

Also, listen to the Podcast series: Beyond Depression – The Zest for Life Podcast.

If you need personal guidance, check out: Depression Coaching.

Finding Happiness and Shaking Off Gloom

  • You will discover what happiness truly means and how you can find joy again.
  • You will be provided with tools to lead a happier life.
  • You will learn how to rebuild hope for change.
  • You will find that there are glimmers of light to be discovered in the darkness.
  • You will experience that your feelings of loneliness can change.
  • You’ll start to feel like you are a part of your family, friends, and even life itself. That you belong!
  • You will learn how to embrace yourself as you are, so that you can feel whole again and be happy with yourself.
  • You don’t have to feel powerless. You will learn how to change the meaning of setbacks so that you can take control of your life again.
  • You will find that bad luck can be transformed into good fortune. So that you can start to see and experience happiness again. You can even become a magnet for good luck.

And even though it may seem far off right now, you will learn how to experience a zest for life.

Who is "Happiness is Depressing" written for?

“Happiness is Depressing” is a self-help book for:

  • People who are downcast and pessimistic.
  • Chronic doom-thinkers.
  • Individuals who don’t feel entirely happy and are dissatisfied but wish to be.
  • And anyone who wants to shed light into the darkness.

“Happiness is Depressing” is a study book with directly applicable techniques for:

  • Coaches, psychologists, and other professionals. You will learn the latest techniques to awaken a zest for life in downcast clients.

“Happiness is Depressing” offers support and actionable insights for:

  • Family members and loved ones of downcast individuals. You will gain more insight into the emotional world of your gloomy loved ones and learn how to respond and support them better.

“Happiness is Depressing” is about how to become happy in your life—happy in a sustainable way.