Business development

What do I offer? Innovative and first class Business Development!

  • 1 on 1 leadership coaching and mentoring; Leadership development through training and workshops.
  • Team facilitation and team workshops.
  • Management Team facilitation and strategy development; Change management.

The analysis

To make any kind of corporate change one needs to know what the exact starting point is. A thorough analysis of the situation is imperative from our perspective. A dentist also needs to find the cavity in order to fill it. However in a complex system like a company, finding the ‘cavity’ can be a very complex job, because it’s often clouded by all kinds of opinions, ideas and agenda’s. One of our strengths is a very good analysis, so the starting point is clear and can guide us towards a goal that fits the desires, as well as the ‘underbelly’ of the organization.

1 + 1 is actually 3 if you know how to facilitate ‘3’. How? By connecting visions and to develop strategic concepts to the level of practical implementation.

The work

To effectively work towards a desired goal we use systemic tools for individual- and group work. Our work is hands-on, focused on the real situations of all individuals, market circumstances, leadership styles and overall culture.

The result

Companies that learn how to implement change at every level and how to ‘outdo’ themselves in meaningful performance. Emotional Intelligence, Systemic thinking skills, innovative approaches and problem solving skills of key players increases during the learning cycle and can be applied as soon as the changes are implemented.

From the Flow workshops we will address all critical missing links where you as a group have to work on. Each member of the team will be challenged to bring out the best in themselves and to create a vision.

Who for?

Some examples of previous business development engagements.

  • Quince Advertising Netherlands & Hungary
    Developing and implementing a new vision at all levels (80 people).
  • Pentax Europe (Germany, Benelux, France, UK)
    Organizational change involving all country directors, the CEO as well as the management teams for about two years. Throughout Europe.
  • Dutch Ministry of Agriculture
    Top level Leadership development and culture change for 45 managers, 18 months.
  • Levi Strauss Europe, Brussels, Belgium.
    Change in teamwork and the teamwork culture (70 people) and intensive coaching for key managers in the 12 following months.
  • The Arts School, Amsterdam
    Facilitated culture change at the management level of 5 people. Generative collaboration and leadership development.

And many other smaller and bigger companies.

Read more about the implementation of business development

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