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    Miraculous healing,
    Spontaneous remission
    or Self-healing ability?

    Brian de Mello, editor in chief, The Optimist

    I hear them often, miraculous stories about a sudden recovery of health. People who get better after a diagnosis of an incurable disease. Who know how to postpone death and live vitally. Despite my optimistic nature, I always question such stories. Because sometimes we just want to believe in a miracle and lose sight of reality. And the last thing we at The Optimist want is to give someone false hope.

    Such a wonderful story recently reached our editorial office and this time it made a deep impression on us. So deep, that we decided to share the story – after checking the facts – with our readers through this e-book.

    First of all, on page 3 you can read the story of Wassili Zafiris, who guided his client B. (who prefers to remain anonymous) towards recovery. We know Wassili as an expert, dedicated practitioner and an honest person. Someone who tries to help people with a healthy dose of optimism, with an eye for the feasibility of solutions.

    This is followed by B’s story on page 7. He has written it in understandable language, unvarnished and with good intentions. I’ve spoken to him and can’t help but believe what he’s been through. His approach was not only life-saving, but also life-changing; B. is now someone who goes through life as a reborn optimist. A better person.

    Perhaps we all need a miracle for our own vitality now and then, if only by being able to read about it.