Is Happiness the Solution for Depression?

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Is Happiness the Solution for Depression?

Engelstalig artikel in het grootste self-development magazine van Europa, GROW, over hoe zoeken naar geluk, je ongelukkig kan maken.

December 2019

Have you ever thought “I just want to be happy”. Is that a phrase that ever crossed your mind? Did you ever hear someone yell out that desire in a moment of despair? Probably. I certainly have. But is happiness a solution when we are not feeling fully satisfied? Is aiming for happiness the right goal that you need to aspire? Is happiness the solution for our somber moods? Can it be a solution for depression?

AS A NEURO-LINGUISTIC DEVELOPER I am deeply curious about the influence our language has upon our states of mind. How does language create our reality? How does our brain think? What is the language of our brain? And how does our language create pitfalls for us. Sometimes so big that they lead us into the dark instead of the light …? A small sentence like: “I just want to be happy”, seems innocent. And because this is so matter of fact, we seldom question the meaning of it.

A solution-focused coaching approach for depression

I got curious about “our search for happiness” when I was researching a solution-focused coaching approach for depression. YES I KNOW, COACHING IS ASSOCIATED with achieving outcomes, setting goals and excellence. And depression is associated with problems, therapy, the past and possibly resolving trauma. The combination depression-coaching seems difficult to bring together. However, I believe that new coaching and modeling research* of depression gave me some very new insights about how to work with depressed clients. So much so that I decided to write a book about it (Happiness is Depressing, 2019).

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