Beyond Depression – The Zest for Life podcast

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Beyond Depression. The Zest for Life podcast

I received some questions from readers and potential buyers of my book ‘Happiness is Depressing: understanding and changing the inner landscape of depression”. In this first podcast Beyond Depression in this series I answer a couple of questions to get a deeper understanding of what the book is about and how it can be a good (self) development book for you. Enjoy the Zest for Life podcast!

Here are the questions I will answer.

1. Why did you choose for this title?
2. Why do you have on the cover ‘depression free with nlp’
3. You say this book is for depressed people and for therapists, explain.
4. What has influenced you to write this book and what methodology do you use?
5. Lucas Derks and Tim Hallbom have written positive reviews about your book. How are you connected?

Want to know more? Read about ‘Happiness is Depressing” here.

Listen to part 2 here.

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