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How can you deal effectively with emotions? How can you develop a healthy relationship with difficult emotions? How do you deal with anger, frustration and helplessness?

When emotions are strong they control us. What needs to happen to feel that you are in control of you emotions again? Check out this video where Coach and Master trainer Wassili Zafiris explains the nature of emotions and guides you through the process of changing your relationship with your own feelings.

This video is part of the Athens Biennale 2013 series.

Guided meditation

This video was never aired at the award winning Biennale in Athens. It was made as one of the possible admissions for the artwork of DashnDem. This video is shot as a guided meditation for a general audience. The meditations is about how you can transform negative feelings and accept them. Give it a try and repeat whenever you need to change your emotional state..

Looking for help?

Would you like 1 on 1 coaching to help you deal with depressive thoughts and feelings? Do you wish to change a negative emotion. Go to the Depression Coach page or the Life Coach page and apply for an appointment. The results are promising. Talk to you soon!

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn how to work with depressed clients? Go to the masterclass about Depression Coaching to learn more about the ins and of depression coaching!

The ultimate guide

Go to the RETaC page for the ultimate guide on dealing with your feelings and the feeling that emerge within your relationships. This is a resource for those seeking help as well as for therapists and coaches.

Wassili Zafiris

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