We all want to feel like we add value. Don’t we?! Imagine inspiring someone else to make music from your ideas. That he uses your ideas as a basis for his own inspiration in order to touch and inspire others. Curious? Read more about Hover!

That happened to me in 2016. I had published my book ‘Happiness is depressing’, and during a reading event from my book on Vlieland, I met Dennis Kivit, an enthusiastic singer-songwriter. Our meeting was short and my surprise was even bigger when months later he sent me a message saying: ‘listen to this’.

I listened, dumbfounded and very proud, to his interpretation of some ideas from my book. He has produced an entire album, HARTKRACHT, inspired by human growth and development.

I feel extremely grateful for this gift Dennis Kivit! Here is his Song: Hover! (Zweef! in Dutch).

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