Comfort zone

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Comfort zone

Radio Interview university of Amsterdam, ‘Staying in your comfort zone is an illusion’, April 2022

For more than 25 years I have been researching ‘States of Genius’. Genius States are the mental-, emotional- and behavioral components certain extraordinary behavior is made of. What makes a person excellent in sports, arts, science or business? Why does one person succeed and another fails? Can we learn to have extraordinary behavior? Is there a structure behind excellence? And if so, how do you reproduce that behavior? Students of the faculty for International Journalism wanted to know more about Comfort zones and getting ‘in the zone’. You can listen to the interview here below.

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Staying in your comfort zone is an illusion

Radio interview with Janina Hofman of the university of Amsterdam, faculty International Journalism, about COMFORT ZONES. What are COMFORT ZONES and what does it take to experience FLOW?

Why is it so difficult to get out of your comfort zones? What makes it so difficult to get into your zone? What is FLOW? Can you ‘turn on’ flow and what’s the use? These and other questions about FLOW are discussed during this interview.


Would you like to read more? Here is the article ‘Staying in your comfort zone is an illusion‘.

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