Beyond depression – the Zest for life podcast part 2

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Beyond depression – the Zest for life podcast part 2

I received some more questions from readers and potential buyers of my book “Happiness is Depressing: understanding and changing the inner landscape of depression”.
In this second podcast in this series I answer a couple of questions to get a deeper understanding of what the book is about and how it can be a good (self) development book for you.
Here is the link to “Happiness is Depressing”.

Here are the questions I will answer:

1. You say that depression is not a disease and doctor Hein de Jong underscores that in his forword in the book, explain.
2. Why is depression such a difficult subject for people to talk about?
3. Let say you are not depressed or somber, why should you read this book?
4. You say you want coaches to learn about your method, why?

Wassili Zafiris

Listen to part one of the podcast here.