Masterclass Depression & Zest for Life Coaching

Want to understand and change the inner landscape of depression? Join the Masterclass Depression & Zest for life Coaching!

Inspiring new method for professionals

Coaching and depression typically are not directly related to each other. Depression ‘belongs’ to the therapeutic domain and coaching is associated with goals, solutions and resources. These areas seem difficult to unite. However the solution focused approach for depression has inspired new ideas about what depression is, what causes it and how to solve it. The 10 year research that brought about this method is described in Happiness is Depressing (W. Zafiris, 2019).

Solution focussed not superficial

The solution focussed approach of depression is by no means superficial. It is a deep way of working with the essential causes of depression. You will learn how to transform them, so that Zest for Life can reemerge.


This training will be given in English. All non-native English speakers will have the opportunity for extra explanation.

For whom

  • NLP practitioners
  • NLP master practitioners
  • NLP Health certified practitioners
  • Experienced (mental) health professionals
  • Experienced Coaches
  • Experienced psychologists and therapists

Modeling Depression to understand Happiness

Wassili Zafiris modeled depression and happiness and learned that his coaching perspective helped to gain a deeper understanding of the depressed state. From his research he was able to develop effective tools and techniques to work with depression as a coach. He observed that in many cases depression does not have a place in the therapeutic domain. Coaches already, often unknowingly, work with depressed clients. Even experienced coaches and many therapist don’t feel very equipped to work effectively with depression. And they are probably right.  

Remarkable results

The professional coaches that work with Wassili’s method not only report remarkable results with this methodology but also experience a deeper understanding of their clients in general. Using his yearlong background as an NLP master trainer with high degree of skill in modeling, he has a track record of figuring out mindsets.

From seemingly not related domains he creates ‘bleu ocean’ solutions (solutions that come from seemingly conflicting domains). Starting with the mindsets of some of the best chefs in the world (f.e. famous Chef Ferran Adria) for his book APPETITE. He then modelled successful business owners to write his twice nominated book MEANINGFUL PROFIT. In his latest book HAPPINESS IS DEPRESSINGhe unravels what the key presuppositions are that are necessary to coach a client with depressive thoughts and feelings to the Zest for Life mindset.

Because of his innovative work he received a Fellowship with the International Institute for Organisational Psychological Medicine (IIOPM). This international group of psychiatrists recognized Wassili’s contribution to the field of psychiatry as coach and author.

Finding inner light

The two-day Masterclass Depression & Zest for Life Coaching invites you into the landscape of depression to find your inner light.

There are many unknowns and assumptions we make about depression without us realizing. These unknowns form a barrier to an effective solution for this ever-increasing problem. During this training you will get a holistic experience of the whole we call depression and you will learn to apply techniques that will enlighten your path towards Zest for life.

Already part of coaching

340 million people are depressed worldwide. Companies spend more than 300 billion annually in Europe alone on presenteeism and absenteeism due to chronic stress leading to depression.

The precursors leading up to depression are already part of the coaching domain. Chronic (work) stresssetback (lack of resilience)solitude and lonelinessIdentity issues are all topics that many coaches do excellent work with. However, depression, which is the resultant of all previous mentioned conditions combined, is ‘supposed’ to belong to the therapeutic domain. As a researcher, coach and author I challenge that assumption and so do many of my new psychiatrist friends.

Is depression an illness?

Depression is a common problem, and not an illness, that needs effective methodology to solve. I believe it’s the vast world of coaching and the solutions it can offer, that can contribute to alleviate one of the most common problems of our times. I invite you to experience a deeper understanding of a state you most likely already know something about…

What you will learn

You will explore the 10 facets of our inner landscape:

  • Space (left, right, front, back etc.)
  • Light (dark, light etc.)
  • Size (large, small etc.)
  • Location (far, near etc.)
  • Time (past, present, future)
  • Meaning making
  • Awareness (inner- and outer landscape)
  • Goals (outcomes and no outcomes)
  • Decision making and Cause
  • And finally Emotions to the emergence of the depressed state and the re-emergence of Zest for life.

Day 1

  • What is depression, what is happiness?
  • Explaining depression as an emergent property: the Gestalt state.
  • The causes of depression.
  • Comparing DSM to the depression scale.
  • Naming depression: The intake as an intervention.
  • The layering of our thinking.
  • Emotions and depression.
  • Transforming oppressed emotions.

Day 2

  • Meaning making.
  • Dimensions of meaning making.
  • Identity change: updating Self.
  • The relationship between happiness and luck.
  • Mazzel Tov to transform time with depression.
  • Decision making to change the inner landscape of depression.
  • Goal setting and depression.

"I experienced an exceptional training from Wassili Zafiris. He developed a very effective method to deal with depression. A method I can fully embrace: from within the problem, from how ‘you do depression’. When I participate in a good training I get completely exited, especially when everything is right. And just that happened last weekend. That feeling when everything falls into place and you see more possibilities and how things are connected. A training where I can use everything I learned in my own practice immediately and not only use all the material but experience what it does as well. You can understand that it’s a serious training when the subject is about depression, so for myself it was an intense training as well. But most of all it was inspirational."

Saskia Evertsen Hypnotherapist, NLP Health Certified


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Dates and location

Two day live masterclass

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Online Masterclass 2023

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To be set – 15.30 – 18.30 CET
To be set – 15.30 – 18.30 CET
To be set – 15.30 – 18.30 CET

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