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Leadership versus energy

By 16 November 2022 No Comments

Leadership versus energy

So, this is what leadership is about: you have to have ‘energy’ otherwise people lose interest. Marketing rules…

The concept of leadership has been misused widely. Many researches and modelers have researched the most upright version of leadership. Righteous, congruent, cause oriented, aiming for a benefit for humanity, having a meaningful vision and even the environment.

The truth about leadership

The truth, even though you might not like this truth, the truth is that most ‘leaders’ are focused on their own empowerment. On their ability to stay in this position of power serving their (narcissistic need) as long as possible.

Leadership coaches and trainers

So many leadership coaches or trainers know nothing of actually leading a company, a community let alone a village, city or nation. Many of their ideas trickle down to the management floor through books, online videos and seminars.

The ‘rules’ of leadership

I once worked with a Management Team, and they were full of Covey’s 7 rules of leadership. When I asked the CEO how they managed implementing these ideas, he stuttered and admitted that they were not.

There are so many wishful ideas out there, and so many coaches, trainers and wannabe public speakers want to tap into that idea. The idea of a world of super humans of leadership that are both effective as well as idealistic is a myth. Just look at this realistically. 99% of these people have zero to nil experience in any form of leadership. And the actual fact of leadership is, sadly, that in many cases it’s dirty, mean and marketing driven.

Once we overcome that (!) true leadership can emerge and leadership training that means something, can help all those insecure wannabe leaders to be leaders within their own rights. Leaders that matter and do what enhances the lives of all, not just the life of one.

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