Trots! Ik ben gevraagd om mee te doen als 1 van 10 life coaches aan het Biënnale kunst project in Athene! Kunstenaars DASNDEM maken dit kunstwerk voor een van de belangrijkste gebeurtenissen op het gebied van moderne kunst in Europa.
10 life coaches komen op schermen te hangen in de Biënnale om Grieken te coachen op het gebied van ‘Zelf’ en hoe coaching de burgers van Griekenland kan helpen om de crisis te overwinnen. Eind september 2013 is de officiële opening in Athene. Hoe cool is dat!

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Artist duo DASHNDEM have been commissioned to produce an exciting new art project for the 4th Athens Biennale opening at the end of September 2013. The Athens Biennale is now considered as one of the most relevant contemporary art events in Europe. The 3rd Athens Biennale featured reviews, articles and interviews in over 200 periodicals, newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Their ambitious project aims to explore how life coaching has become increasingly relevant to practices of citizenship and individual survival in changing societies. Below is a short description:

Reaching Re-Birth will examine management and care of the ‘self’ as a way of overcoming hardship and explore how ‘techniques of the self’ can aid citizens of recession hit Greece; where a half broken state and systems ‘which only makes things worse’ have made the ability to ‘fend-for-oneself’ imperative.

2013 has been hailed as the year of ‘Greece’s re-birth’ in the ongoing political discourse about recovery. To move beyond rhetoric to constructive action, top professional ICF coaches from around the world are being invited to employ their guidelines and strategies to aid citizens in approaching ‘re-birth’.

The project will culminate in a multi-screen video installation at the 4th Athens Biennale exhibition space, with monitors displaying top coach professionals as talking heads, offering self management techniques to Greek citizens; techniques, tips and approaches that can be of value to people living through the most severe economic depression in memory, people struggling to ‘do things differently’ and create renewal whilst facing an uncertain future where jobs disappear, wages are drastically cut, savings evaporate, and livelihoods are destroyed.